Taking a “Leap of Faith” with FanRagSports.com

Best I can tell, there are no more “great” days in sports journalism. But today was “pretty good” for this old scribe.

For the first time in two years, my original content (fancy way of saying my work) has a steady and consistent home. I wrote my first piece today for FanRagSports.com. Never heard of it? Don’t feel stupid. I’m in the business and it hadn’t come to my attention until last month when I heard the editors were looking to add writers.

My days as a staff writer at The Harford Courant ended in December 2005. Very few of us who took buyouts, were laid off or fired will ever return to the newspaper business. The freelance world for writers today offers little satisfaction, even less pay, and not many opportunities that feel comfortable.

But after careful consideration, and after asking dozens of questions, I decided to take what I call a “leap of faith.” And you know what that means, don’t you? Time to quote some Bruce Springsteen lyrics.

“It takes a leap of faith to get things going

“It takes a leap of faith,  you gotta show some guts”

Maybe the part about guts is a stretch, but I’ve got a hunch this site has some potential. There is a small staff located in Phoenix working hard to make this startup a success. They are three years into this project and making a huge effort to add good writers and good content. It’s not ESPN.com or SI.com. No one is getting rich. Not even close. But they do value quality over quantity – and that impresses me.

They are giving me a chance to write about college basketball and college football at Today’sU.com. Early on, I’m going to write five times a week. I hope to expand that soon. And I will be writing about Major League Baseball at least once a week on Today’sKnuckleball.com. Right now, that piece is tentatively scheduled to run every Monday.

For me, it’s all about writing, having an affiliation again and getting exposure (Google Search makes all the difference in the world for a writer.) A little spare cash at the end of the month is good too. If enough of you stop by and read us, it might become more than “a little spare cash.”

Like I said, it takes a leap of faith.

My first piece today was about the Kansas Jayhawks representing the USA in the World University Games.  KU defeated Team Canada 91-83 Tuesday night in an exhibition game at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo. Coach Bill Self and the Jayhawks leave Sunday for South Korea, where they will participate in the Games next month.

I will post links to stories on my blog here. I will continue to blog about other news here at kendavisfiles.com. But please give FanRagSports.com a try. Shop around and please read my work, give it some hits, share on social media and tell your friends. You can like FanRag SportsToday’s U and Today’s Knuckleball on Facebook.  And for quick updates, don’t forget Twitter.

I appreciate the support.  See you again tomorrow.



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