They call him Thor and you can’t miss him on UConn’s offensive line

If you enjoy good stories about good guys, check out my feature on UConn offensive lineman Andreas Knappe. Story was published this morning on Today’    

AAC Football: Week in Review

It was a busy week around here. College football is back. The first sign of that every season is the annual trip to Newport, R.I. for media days for the American Athletic Conference – or, if you prefer, the league previously known as the Big East Conference. Of course the Big East is out of […]

AAC kicks off football media days with clambake tonight

NEWPORT, R.I. – It’s that time of year again. The American Athletic Conference is holding its annual summer kickoff and media day with social activities Monday and formal interviews on Tuesday. Follow me on Twitter @Kendavis55 and I’ll be posting pictures and messages throughout the proceedings, starting with the clambake at 7 p.m. I’m covering […]

Royals have pitching issues; NCAA building a better bracket

Two of my stories were posted earlier today on the network. If you are a college basketball fan, a student of bracketology, or just want a better understanding of what the NCAA men’s basketball committee did on Monday, may I suggest reading my article on tweaking and building a better bracket on Today’ And, in […]

Stars always shine bright at the MLB All-Star Game

After all the years and all the changes, the MLB All-Star Game remains the best exhibition game in any sport. And despite all the criticism over voting and lineups, and deciding the home field advantage in the World Series, the game remains a fan favorite. Watching on TV is great, but nothing beats being there […]

Kansas shocks the world, wins gold medal for USA

  Two weeks ago, the Kansas Jayhawks arrived in South Korea as a college basketball team representing the USA. They head home as gold medalists at the World University Games, quite the feat when you consider a university team beat eight other NATIONS. You can be sure there will be a party in Lawrence when […]

Moustakas: From demotion to All-Star in just months

When a major leaguer makes the All-Star Game for the first time, it’s always a special story. In the case of Mike Moustakas, it might be the most feel-good story of the 2015 All-Star Game on Tuesday. It’s a story about never giving up and it’s a story about the passage of time. Please take […]

How do the Royals replace Alex Gordon?

The Kansas City Royals, leaders in the AL Central just past the midway point of the season, must find a way to survive the loss of All-Star left fielder Alex Gordon,  who is expected to miss eight weeks with the groin injury he suffered Wednesday night.  Jarrod Dyson has provided a lift since Gordon went […]

Tigers need to be buyers to stay in AL Central race

Writing about baseball has always been easy and enjoyable for me. The game was my first love in the sports world. I’ve been lucky enough to write a lot of baseball during my sportwriting career without the grind of the 162-game schedule and the long hours of a baseball beat writer. Since joining the staff […]

And Navy makes 12 (for AAC football)

It’s official now. As of today, the American Athletic Conference has 12 teams playing football. The United States Naval Academy became an official member on July 1 and with 12, the conference can have a championship football game on Dec. 5. Here’s the full press release from the conference, just making it official: Navy has […]